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Our professional legal services


At ABSimmons Law we prosecute and litigate copyright matters. Providing registration and protection of all types of copyrights including original forms of artwork, books, computer programs, photographs, play writes, poetry, motion pictures, and sound recordings. We provide licensing of Derivative Works & Compilations; licensing of sound recordings & motion pictures. We investigate registration status & ownership. We conduct ligation of disputes when necessary.


In order to help distinguish your product or service from the competition, we provide protection through trademarks. We perform trademark prosecution (registration) both domestically and internationally; service mark registration; response to office actions from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); registration and licensing investigations; defense and maintenance of trademarks; cease and desist; and litigation of disputes when necessary. 

Who's Protecting Your IP?®

Business Law

Starting a business can be overwhelming, that is why we provide services in the area of intellectual property right protection, formation and entity structure, business plan and development, partnership agreements, business contracts, merger and acquisitions, and branding. 

Contract Law

Under the common law, enforcement of a binding contract is available as long as all of the elements are met. We perform services for all aspects of contracts including (but not limited to): drafting, negotiating, reviewing, redlining, settlement and litigation when necessary. 



Entertainment Law

Whether you are an artist, entertainer, musician, composer, director, producer or production company we provide services to protect your art. We provide copyright registration, trademark registration, licensing agreements,  production legals including: talent, agent, and crew agent agreements, all elements of television, documentary, and feature film financing & production, international and domestic distribution and acquisition agreements, clearance and defamation, co-production agreements, and chain of title and underlying rights agreements.  

Other Services Include:


We provide an array of other related services to protect your business and brand.

  • Cease & Desist

  • Demand Letters

  • Licensing Agreements

  • Work for Hire Agreements

  • Website Infringement Audits

  • Litigation

  • Consumer Protection

  • Debtor Defense (Business & Personal)

Law Books
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